First-time buyer feels? We help make it simple

Whether you’re looking to buy or have just signed on the dotted line and become a first-time buyer, nobody seems to mention that when it comes to first-time house buying, nosing around other people’s homes is the fun bit.

Providing every document under the sun and dealing with lawyers and estate agents is decidedly less enjoyable. It feels like you don’t know where to start – you’re at the mercy of these professionals and everything comes with a cost. You question why it’s so complicated wonder if there’s a way to avoid it.

If you’re about to make that important purchase and become a first-time buyer, we can help. If you’ve already done the hard work and scraped together all the information and cash needed to make it we make sure it is a LOT easier in future.

The Personal Archive makes it super easy to get all of your important documents together, to store them securely and to share them far more safely than attaching them to hackable emails to copious agents.

  • You can check out our tech for free. Normally, we offer a 30-day free trial, but we’ve decided to make it 60 days if you join our two-minute tip community.
  • If you’re wondering how it all works, don’t worry. Our handy guides and real human team are on hand to help.
  • What are the two-minute tips, you ask? They will give you a feel for how we can take the headaches out of life admin and make your affairs, big and small, much easier for you and yours in just two minutes per day. We have contests and offers for our members as well.


Making buying a house easy for first time buyers with file storage

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