Benefits of being organised

Five reasons to sign up to the personal archive co

One Place

One place for all your important documents

Getting everything in one place takes a little discipline at first. Then maintaining your archive is quick and easy by adding any new items as they arrive.


Share important documents safely with family, friends and advisors

Create regular share accounts making important life documents always accessible to those who need them. Avoid email and securely share ID documents when they are asked for.

Never Lose Sight

Never lose sight of an investment or savings account

People move house and job more than ever and its easy to forget to update all your providers. Using the personal archive, you will easily keep track on all your pensions and savings.


Find a proof of purchase fast when you need it

You won’t end up spending hours looking for things attached to emails. The personal archive helps find anything you need in seconds.


Organised documents safeguard your family

Everything in one place makes it easy to find important documents. If you die suddenly your loved ones can, stop outgoing expenses, cancel subscriptions, and remove the stress of probate admin.