All the documents you need to apply for a mortgage

Preparing to buy a home is an exciting time. Whether it’s your very first home or your next big move, purchasing property is, of course, a big deal. You’re probably aware you’re going to need some ID, proof of your deposit etc, but you may not have considered the full extent of records, documents and paperwork you’ll need to apply for a mortgage.

Moving Home after storing all mortgage documents safely, little girl playing in the new house as a result

Even before the pandemic-induced housing boom, the property market was a hotly contested playing field. After lockdown, it’s become a true race – with reserve places for viewings at some properties topping 100, it’s never been more important to have your paperwork in order to secure your dream home.

But getting everything together and having it to hand when you need it isn’t always an easy feat. At Personal Archive Co we specialise in document management and file storage, and can offer the perfect solution to help make applying for a mortgage as easy as possible. Save all your paperwork in one place, share the relevant files with your solicitor in one click, and never worry about forgetting paperwork at home – all you’ll need is your phone and your Personal Archive login.

So, what do you need to apply for a mortgage? Here’s what you need to buy a house, whether you’re a first-time buyer or moving home.



You’ll need copies of three months’ worth of payslips as proof of regular income. Most workplaces send out payslips digitally now, which should mean you can download PDF copies to save straight away. If you get paper payslips, simply scan and save as a PDF.

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Bank statements

Similarly, you’ll need to provide three months’ worth of bank statements. Your mortgage lender will need to see proof of your outgoings and incomings to assess your application. If you use online banking, make sure you can download the correct version of the statement with all the right details on.

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You’ll need to provide at least one form of photographic ID. This can be a clear scan of your passport or driving licence, as long as it’s in photocard format.

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Proof of address

You’ll need proof of your current address, dated within the last three months. Documents accepted as proof of address include council tax bills, bank statements and utility bills such as electricity or water.

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If you’re self-employed…

If you’re employed as a Sole Trader, Limited Company, Director, Partnership or LLP, you’ll also need to provide two to three years’ SA302 forms and two to three years’ accounts. Depending on the lender, you may also need to provide three months’ business bank account statements.

Proof of deposit

If you’ll be putting down a deposit, you’ll need to prove this amount with a bank statement or savings statement.

If your deposit is a gift from someone else, you can provide an official Confirmation of Gifted Deposit. The person who’s gifting the deposit will also need to provide three months’ worth of bank statements.

Mortgage statement

If you already have a mortgage, you’ll need to provide your most recent mortgage statement.

Other documents

Your lender may ask for additional documents as well as the above. This may include proof of additional income (for example bonuses or overtime payments), evidence of visas or right to reside in the UK, or proof of non-earned income like tax credits or benefits.


Seem like a lot?

Get everything into your Personal Archive and make light work of all the interactions and transactions ahead.

Set aside a few minutes ahead of time to get all the documents together. If it’s too much for one day, why not split the time into sections? First collect your bank statements and payslips, then your proof of deposit/mortgage statement, then your IDs and proof of address, and so on.

Scan everything in, or take a photo of the documents. Then log in to your Personal Archive account and simply upload your files. Make sure to add #mortgage to everything, so you’ll be able to access it instantly, even if you don’t individually rename the files.

Now, when you attend a viewing of your dream house, you can send off your application in an instant. Don’t get held up by red tape and sifting through documents – get your life admin in order now and make yourself a home.


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