Top 5 Reasons to Try Personal Archive Co

These days, you can barely change the channel without being bombarded with an ad for the latest technology. From virtual reality to cryptocurrency, smartphones to exercise bikes, there’s always something new in the digital world waiting to grab your attention.

So, we know what you’re thinking – what makes Personal Archive Co stand out from the crowd? Put simply, our service is designed to make your life – and your loved ones’ lives – hassle-free. Simple, safe and straight forward.

Our personal document storage service takes all the worry out of life admin. One central, easily accessible place to store all your important paperwork – whatever that means to you. It might be family photos, treasured recipes, insurance documentation or scans of your ID. Whatever it is, your files will be safe and ready to grab with your Personal Archive account.

Still not convinced? Here are just some of the reasons we think our service is worth a look…


To save time

Gone are the days of rooting through cupboards, turning out pockets and upending bags to find that errant piece of paper with your account details on it. Spend a few minutes gathering everything – either one afternoon, or over the course of a few days – and simply upload it to your account.

Then, whenever you need to access something – for a policy renewal, mortgage application, holiday booking, family gathering or any other event – it will take a matter of seconds to find your document and either share it, view it or download it.


To get rid of stress

As well as taking up your time, searching for documents is nothing short of panic-inducing. Not knowing if you returned that policy to your filing cabinet. Worrying about a spilled drink on your certificate. Having to clamber into the attic to check your renewal date.

The Personal Archive system doesn’t just mean everything is in one place. With the easy tagging file system you’ll be able to get hold of any document, even if you’ve forgotten what you called it, or misspelt the name when you typed it. Simply search for ‘#house’ or #insurance’ and have all your files at your fingertips.


For peace of mind

Our encryption system means your files are completely and utterly secure. Our team has more than twenty years of experience in document handling, and we’ve designed Personal Archive Co to provide peace of mind and total security. The process starts with AWS handling at database level, with your files encrypted again when they’re stored.


To share with who matters

With ‘quick share’ and sharing functionality, you can generate bespoke links to share selected files with who you choose. You can control the number of times the link is used, or set an expiry date to limit views of your documents. Whether you want to send contracts to a solicitor or show photos to your relatives, sit back and relax knowing you control who sees your files, and when.


To access your files anywhere

Simply login to your account and get what you need. On the road and need your car insurance policy? Use your smartphone to access the files. On holiday? Login to your account and search the tag you need to get hold of all your documents. Quick, simple and accessible at your fingertips.


Head to our YouTube channel to learn more about how it all works, or get started straight away with a free trial today.