Who Are We?

Founder Simon Ellis and his team first got involved in digital document management at the turn of the century.

Simon is an entrepreneur who has successfully built and run a number of companies in the document management space and CTO Marcus Holmes (MBA) built one of the first cloud based digital document management platforms used by large UK companies.

Our platforms were designed to help organisations capture, store and retrieve the documents they need to run their businesses efficiently providing fast access to resolve customer enquiries on the spot.

We have taken our years of experience and customer feedback and applied it to personal document management to deliver a platform that’s affordable, secure and intuitive.

Most document management systems need lots of planning and resources to get them fit for purpose.

Everyone thinks differently so we needed a platform that allows people to create their own filing systems with minimal effort.

People also have a need to effortlessly share certain documents with loved ones or professional advisors knowing that the documents are secure and can’t be changed.

A personal archive account provides you with simplicity and flexibility for finding documents and sharing them when needed. People you share with can even add documents for you to see and act on.

Imagine getting notified when someone has read a document you shared with them, or when they add a document for you to see? You can even set reminders against a document using #tags – My insurance is due in a month remind me to look for a quote.