The easy way to stay on top of your insurance

We all know the importance of insurance. Protection against life’s little mishaps, a safety blanket for when the worst happens, and sometimes a legal necessity for big transactions. So, insurance is a must. But how to remember all your policies, renewal dates and excesses?

Enter Personal Archive Co. All your insurance policies filed, ready to view or share whenever you need. Sort by insurance type, renewal date or policy information – whichever way makes the most sense to you. It’s a completely bespoke and customisable way to ensure your insurance is all in order. After all, you get insured to make sure you don’t have to worry – so it makes sense to manage your insurance worry-free.

Storage for your policies

When we started Personal Archive Co, we knew it wouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all’ service. Different people need to organise their lives in different ways, so we wanted to create a platform that would cater to the many needs our users have.

One of the ways we’ve made PAC customisable is with regards to storage space. Our plans start from £4.99 per month for 5Gb of storage space – that’s enough for at least 2,500 documents. With this starter plan – the Personal Document Manager – you can also easily share files with whoever you like; so send policy details to your accountant, insurance broker or partner with ease.

If you require more space for digitally filing your insurance documents – and remember, you’ll have confirmation letters, policy details, claim receipts, renewal documents and more – simply upgrade your plan. Get double the storage capacity (enough for at least 5,000 documents) with the Family Document Manager plan, or choose Family Life Premium and take advantage of 20Gb of storage – that’s enough for 5,000 documents and an additional 2,500 photos. This is ideal for home or content insurance policies in particular, so you can document your valuables and keep dated photos alongside your policy for any claims.

Customise your filing system

Imagine a physical folder for your insurance documents. It would need a lot of pockets, and you’d probably need to keep copies elsewhere anyway – in your car, at the office, in your suitcase.

Most people will have at least a few of the following insurance policies:

  • Home insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Income protection insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Travel insurance

Keeping all these policies in order can be a tricky and time consuming task. You’ll have various policy numbers, renewal dates, excess figures, inclusions, exclusions and terms & conditions. With paper hard copies, you always run the risk of fading ink, smudges from water or dirt, or just plain old loss. With the Personal Archive, you’ve got a permanent, encrypted and secured copy to refer to in times of crisis.

Use the unique tagging system to organise your policies. You can arrange them in your archive by type (#travel, #house, #business, #pet), document (#renewal, #excess, #coverage) or even date. You can send specific policy documents to particular people – your business insurance to colleagues, travel insurance to friends, pet insurance to family etc.


In essence, the Personal Archive allows you to rest assured. Your insurance details are safe – encrypted and protected – and accessible by you whenever you need. It’s the smart way to manage your insurance, hassle-free.

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