How to expect when you’re expecting

Congratulations! There’s nothing quite like the excitement of expecting a bundle of joy, though new arrivals sure do come with a lot of admin. Here at Personal Archive Co we know how much you need to think about when you’re expecting a new baby, so we’d like to help.

There are lots of ways you can use your Personal Archive to make light work of baby prep. Allow us to help take (a little) of the stress off your shoulders. Before we get started though, let’s get one thing straight – we can help with organisation, but unfortunately we won’t be able to do anything about the early morning feeds…

Get your life in order

So, you’re having a baby. If that big announcement has made you realise you might need to grow up a little yourself, we might be able to help.

With a little one on the way, you need to make sure your growing family is protected. Preparing for whatever happens is part of being a parent, and a great first start is getting your affairs in order. Naturally, you’ll be needing life insurance if you don’t already have some. Whether it’s a new policy or a longstanding one, having your documents handy is essential. You’ll need the list of inclusions, exclusions, terms and excesses; you’ll also want to keep a note of your account number, any passwords and the renewal date.

Store precious memories

Raising a family comes with endless precious memories – and endless photo opportunities. Store the most precious ones (the first crawl, first solid meal, favourite toy) in your Personal Archive. You can even share them with those special family members using a dedicated hashtag or your private share link.

Keeping those most important shots safe against damage or loss will help put your mind at ease. Having them online also means you can access them from anywhere, and keeps them handy when you’re on the go.

Purchase peace of mind

Babies come with lots of expensive purchases. The best pram, cot, high chair, bottle warmer… it all adds up. Not only can Personal Archive Co help you keep track of your bank account, but you can store receipts and warranties online. Have receipts and guarantees on hand in case of defects, and have proof of purchase for home and contents insurance.

Prepare for the future

Nesting is one thing, but preparing a nest egg is something lots of families like to do as they grow. You can create a safe and encrypted storage space for details of any investments made for your child. Store details about capital bonds and other investments in a safe place – a place you can share securely with key account holders and check in on whenever you need.

Keep important documents safe

Upload your baby’s health documentation so you know you’ve got the important details whenever you need them. Injection or vaccination records, medication details or lists from baby classes – keep everything in your account and ready to go in an emergency.

Speaking of emergencies… knowing how to fix that toy that’s your little one’s favourite (that day) can be the difference between a peaceful evening and a night full of tantrums. As soon as the box gets ripped open, upload the instructions and warranty details to the Personal Archive. Make sure you’re prepared next time you need to run out for new batteries. Or identical replacement toys…

You’ve got enough on your plate. Let the Personal Archive Co take on some of the baby burden. Find out more about our plans here.