The Smart Way to Enter the New Year

As festive season amps up and we all get a little bit busier (and a lot more stressed), it’s already time to start planning for 2022. As hard as it is to believe, another year is almost over, and the new one will bring with it renewals, new tasks, events, planning, lists and countless other bits of admin to take care of.

Let us help with new year planning so you can enjoy NYE the right way – stress-free and with champagne in hand.

Plan ahead

As tempting as it can be to give yourself a (well-deserved) break after the hassle of the holiday season and Christmas planning, it’s actually well worth your while to put in a bit of time now to organize 2022. Getting a list together (of renewal dates for insurance policies, important events in the calendar and all the documentation you’ll need next year) means you can begin January as you mean to go on. That is, organized, relaxed and in control.

You may be able to move some of your 2021 documents into a separate archive folder, so you don’t get old and new documentation mixed up. With Personal Archive Co, you could add a tag for ‘archive’, ‘2021’ or even ‘old documents’ to keep everything straight.

Put a calendar together of important dates – things like warranty expiries, appointments, tax return deadlines, policy renewals – and add that to your archive. Then, you’ll be able to access and download it wherever you are, so you’ll be ready for whatever 2022 throws at you.

New Year, new system

Tidy up your document storage and clear the cobwebs out of your filing cabinet (and your mind). Set aside a little time to transfer paper documents to PAC’s encrypted cloud storage system (powered by AWS). Not only will you free up valuable space in the office, but you’ll also cut down on time. No more rifling through drawers and folders, looking at countless identical-looking letters. Add a tag to everything – #carinsurance, #2021policies, #pension – and find exactly what you need in an instant.

Having copies of all your important documents and details online also means you’re protected against life’s mishaps. Fire, flood, sun damage and simple loss can all wreak havoc on physical filing systems. We use a lock-tight encryption service to store all your files securely and safely, so you won’t need to worry about all your life admin.

Meet smarter

Make meetings, calls and appointments that much easier in 2022. You can use the sharing function of your Personal Archive Co account to easily share specific files and folders with whoever you choose. Instead of having to attach umpteen files to emails again and again, simply turn on sharing for your solicitor, business partner or family members. You control what gets shared and how it’s downloaded, so you’re completely in control.


Get a head start on 2022 planning with Personal Archive Co. There are so many ways to use your Personal Archive account to make document storage and life admin that much easier.

Personalize your storage and relax knowing your important files and irreplaceable documents are protected, encrypted and secured.

Learn more about our plans here.