Why we are better than the other guys

No document snooping

We don’t read your documents, so we won’t be bombing you with subliminal adverts based on documents you upload or share through your account.

Built on document management principals

Share platforms are designed for collaboration. We are designed for good document management as well.


Reminds you an action is needed on a document or alerts you when a new document has been shared to you or uploaded via a link.

Original safeguarded

The original document you shared via any of our secure share options is always available and unchanged.

Simplicity of operation

Fast start with pre-loaded #tags and folders. Easy to use and edit, delete or create your own #tags and folders.


To help identify important stuff you should upload for safe keeping, future reference and fast retrieval.

Assurance at the heart of the platform

Activity audit logs extend assurance beyond encryption. Know when your shared documents were accessed and who by.

Secure share options

Simplicity of one off upload / download or regular shares with family, friends or professional advisors driven through free accounts.

Smart Tags

Set reminders for tasks or “remove document by” dates for good housekeeping with #smart tags.