You can’t lose the internet

My father died in 2008. He was a small business owner and a very organised man. But it still took us four months to find all his business and personal papers and get everything sorted out. It wasn’t too bad compared to some document storage horror stories I’ve heard, but it was enough for my wife to repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly encourage me to make sure I had all my stuff in order for her and the kids. Did I mention she reminded me repeatedly?

So, she bought me this very nice leather-bound book that was there specifically for me to write down all the info they might need and keep it all in one place. Things like bank account numbers and important contacts. Notes on where the will was stored and my insurance policies, etc. And, sure enough, I filled in all those details for a couple of months, gradually adding more information as I came across it.

And then I lost the book.

All that work (and the repeated, repeated encouragement) was for nothing.

There needed to be a better way. And there is.

Digital document storage for ultimate safety

Like most people, I’m on the internet every day. And more importantly, my children are online every day. It’s just natural for them to turn to the internet for information as a first port of call.

So, we created The Personal Archive Company to be the place where your spouse and children can go to find critical documents when you can’t show them where everything is. Your files and documents will be in the first place your spouse and kids will likely look – online – available through the internet and securely stored in a highly guarded and backed-up facility.

Easy to find thanks to our hashtag system, your documents will be easily accessible to those who matter most, and secure from everyone else. The intuitive file storage system means you can tag your files with exactly what they are, keeping the process orderly, tidy and logical.

Make your documents life-proof

Because they are your important documents, we went to great lengths to make sure they are kept permanently safe. With Personal Archive document storage technology, they are secured with bank-level encryption both in storage and during transit from the secure computers in the data centre to your home computer.

And unlike paper documents, they are safe from flood, hurricane, tornado, fire, earthquake, and every other natural disaster.

But most importantly, they are safe from a person like me who easily loses things.

You can’t lose the internet.


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Mark Snow