Personal Archive Co Hidden Gems

Most of our customers at Personal Archive Co tell us that they use their account to store important legal documents. Copies of wills, insurance policies, pension details, statements and receipts – stored with hashtags like #mortgage, #finance #insurance and #pension. Important documents, to be sure, but there’s so much more you can also keep safe and accessible at a moment’s notice in your Personal Archive.

For a little inspiration, here are some of the hidden gems of PAC – some things you might not have considered uploading to your archive.


Travel documents

There’s a lot to remember when you’re going on holiday. Airport parking, your flight details, luggage allowance, transfer information, hotel details, excursion bookings, activity confirmations…

Create a specific folder in your Personal Archive for travel documents and keep everything easily accessible at a moment’s notice. The beauty of the Personal Archive is that it’s all online, so you can access it on your phone or at the hotel business centre in an emergency.

You can upload a copy of your boarding pass online to make sure it’s always available. Store a copy of every booking confirmation for those times you can’t carry a paper copy. Keep a note of reservation information, travel insurance details, security codes and emergency contact numbers. In other words, kick back and relax on holiday.


Family mementos

Upload, tag and securely share those precious memories made with loved ones. Take a picture of your little one’s first painting, photos of landmark events such as graduations or weddings, and add exam and degree certificates so they are never lost. Build up an archive and history of your family, to look back on, refer to and share. Never lose those happy life mementos and always have them at your fingertips.

The Personal Archive is also a great platform for selected sharing of landmark events with your loved ones. Create regular sharing folders using the hashtag system, or send a shareable link to your life memory so specific people can share your pleasure. For example, create a hashtag for your children and grandchildren, and upload their achievements easily so you and they can always find what you need.


Every family has those famous, treasured recipes. The dish everyone requests for their birthday, the thing that’s on the table every Christmas, the secret ingredient combination. With Personal Archive Co, you can make sure you keep that sacred recipe handy and completely protected. With a copy safely stowed away in your PAC account, you won’t need to worry about water damage, losing it in a house move or accidentally throwing it out.

You can keep it handy for checking when you fancy making something special. Or, share a copy with your (favourite) relatives whenever you need to. Of course, there are other family heirlooms besides recipes you might want to store safely, but what could possibly be more important than food?


There’s almost no end to the documents you can safeguard with Personal Archive Co. Keep important files and essential paperwork handy and secure. Share with who you want to and never lose a document again.

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